Simon Bornhoft – Windwise Clinic

We’ve just had a really fun day at Datchet Watersports. Lighter winds, but loads of skills and drills, with about 4-5 hours on the water. We covered classic tacks and ‘stay dry’ fast tacks, carve gybe training, duck gybe training, sail 360′s, switched stance and some upwind 360′s! Great work everyone and really fun session. As ever great to be at Datchet and enjoy some of the best windsurfing close to London! Keep up the good work and I’ll be seeing some of you soon on future UK and overseas courses. Look forward to returning to Datchet soon.

All the best from Simon and the rest of the WINDWISE Crew!

For more photo’s from the day and other windsurfing chat check out the facebook page.




‘The Value Of Platinum Membership’

“As a dinghy sailor of very limited skill, taking out the Platinum Plus membership has been a revelation.  I had thought that to improve I would need a boat of my own or at least a complex rental and insurance / a parking slot / lots of courses / plans well ahead of time to actually book it etc etc etc.  This package has solved all of that in one go.  It’s cost less per year than the depreciation on a family dinghy, has made all sorts of dinghies available to me – from single hander beginner boats to whatever you want – all the RYA courses I could want and there are no “extras” other than turning up when it suits me and being provided with a rigged dinghy (or being allowed to make my own mistakes rigging it myself).  Perhaps most usefully for a beginner, the team are so welcoming and don’t expect you to be Ben Ainslie after three weeks.  Great value.”

Neil Clark – Dinghy Sailing Platinum Member


Having neglected my kit way too many years ago in a dusty garage it was an absolute pleasure to find Datchet Watersports, literally on my doorstep. I started with a few hours on the water, but having been exceptionally impressed with the Team, the kit and the great social scene, joined up as a full member shortly afterwards.  I’ve now been totally bitten by the windsurfing bug and getting out on the water as much as possible I’m now seeing the results.  I have also just returned from one of their amazing trips to Fuertaventura, extremely well organised and a heck of a lot of fun!

Andrew Pooley – Windsurfing Platinum Member