Second Hand / Used Windsurf & Dinghies

Windsurf & Dinghy Second Hand / Used / Ex Demo For Sale

For sale – Starboard, RRD, Tushingham – Used Windsurf Kit for Sale.  Second Hand Ex Fleet  Topper, RS and Laser Dinghies Xenon, Buzz, RS Vision, Q’ba, RS Tera, Laser 1, Dart 16, Dart 18, Topper Sport 16 for sale.

Rescue boats – Rigiflex Jeanneau Cap 360 – a great little powerboat that planes and handles well with a 15hp or will plane with 1 aboard with a 10hp. Solid reliable. 1 nearly new – sensible offers!

This is where we post info and pictures of the ex dinghy fleet and second hand windsurf hire kit that we have for sale. We sell our windsurf  kit and our dinghy fleet regularly over the season and refresh it so it is worth giving us an email and telling us what you are after as we have kit available but not up on this site.  For up to date prices, extra info, in depth pictures and if you would like to come and view the kit please get in touch.

Used Windsurf Boards For Sale:

Starboard Atoms For Sale:  Second Hand Great free-ride boards that are renowned for there super early planing and easy free riding!

Starboard Atom 120 & 130            Starboard Futura 122

2015 – Very Good Condition.                2011 – Bargain Price

IMG_0714    fut12210-top

Starboard  For Sale: Quality free-ride/free-wave boards that cope well with any chop and will guide you through those carve gybes with ease!

JP Magic Ride 116                                        JP X-Cite Ride 125












2014 – Good Condition                                                  2014 – Good Condition

RRD FireMoves & FireRide For Sale: These free-ride boards are very popular at the centre which is down to there effortless riding style!

RRD Firemove 122, 130 & 140.               RRD FireRide 145

photo 1            rrd14510-top

2013- Good condition                                        2010 – Bargain Board

Used Windsurf Sails For sale:

Tushingham Rock sails from 4.0m – 6.0m                                            Tushingham Storms from 4.5m – 6.0m

2012-tushingham-rock-windsurfing-sail                                                  STORM_latest.v2















2011-tushingham-lightning-windsurfing-sail  2012-tushingham-t4-windsurfing-sail



Tushingham T4s & Bolts From 5.5m – 8.5m                     Tushingham Lightnings; 7.0,m 7.8m & 9.4m


Second Hand Used Sailing Dinghies For Sale:

For Sale: Topper Sport 16

Sport 16 Profile1

This ex fleet, used Topper Sport 16 is a great all rounder that is

ideal for family cruising or progressing your

own skills. It has plenty of space for 4-5 crew

and can still be easily handled by 2. A well

used but well cared for boat, a must see!





For Sale: Topper Buzz


This ex fleet, used Topper Buzz is a great exhilarating trapezing asymmetric spinnaker sailing machine.

A great blast for 2 and can be sailed single

handed. A fast bit of kit for your money!





For Sale: RS Teras


This ex fleet, used RS Tera is for sale. A great youth development boat for the younger/smaller sailor and with RSs renowned racing circuit there is plenty of opportunity to get out there with one of these.

It is really easy to transport on top or even inside your car!








More Second Hand Dinghies Available – Ring or email for details…

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