Windsurf Hire


Our windsurf kit is available for hire by the hour, in blocks of 10 hours, or on our unlimited usage Platinum Schemes.

Windsurf Equipment 1hr 10hrs Member
Beginners Windsurf Equipment £31 £219 from £61 a month
Composite Free-ride & Early Planers £44 £319
Junior Windsurf Hire £24 £175

Windsurfing Platinum Membership

The windsurfing membership price is based on a Windsurf EasySurf membership, which entitles you to unlimited windsurfer hire of all the windsurf boards and windsurfer rigs in our rack. We also run an unlimited windsurfer membership, which gives you unlimited windsurfing tuition and windsurfer. There is a one off joining fee associated with all our Platinum memberships. If you are looking to come down regularly then have a look at the details of our Platinum Scheme or give us a call and have a chat about how we can best cater to your needs.

Easysurf & Platinum

If you’re already a competent windsurfer, then check out our Windsurfing Easysurf package that gives you unlimited windsurfer equipment hire from only £61 per month! With this package, we aim to take the hassle out of windsurfing. Instead of having to find somewhere to store your kit and having to transport it around, you simply book a board with us, turn up and take it for a blast… Easy! Ideal for those people living close to London, the accessible areas of Bucks, Middlesex and Surrey and right on our doorstep close to Windsor and Slough in Berkshire.

For an extra £10 per month you get all the above, plus the windsurfing training courses as well as weekly windsurf clinics! Check out our  Platinum Packages  or call us to learn more!

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