RYA Windsurfing Lessons

The RYA National Windsurfing Scheme is designed to take people from their first experiences learning to windsurf, all the way through to advanced skills like planing, carving gybing and much more!.

All these windsurfing lessons and more are included in the price of the Windsurfing Platinum Membership. All learn to windsurf packages and RYA windsurfing course prices include all specialist equipment apart from footwear. Certificates are included but you may wish to purchase the RYA windsurfing logbooks & handbooks from us. Booking in advance is a good idea as our sailing courses do get booked up quite quickly.

So take a look at the courses below and see which suits you, or if you are not sure then just give us a ring and we would be more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

RYA Windsurfing Courses

Courses We Offer
RYA Start Windsurfing £179
RYA Intermediate Non-Planing £209
RYA Intermediate Planing £209

Windsurfing Clinics & Private Tuition

What We Offer  
Windsurfing Clinics £99
Basic Tuition £40/hour
Masterclass Tuition  £50/hour
Adult Refresher Session £179

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