Practical Yacht Sailing Courses

In conjunction with our sister company Yachtforce,  and our coastal sea school partners we offer a full range of yacht sailing courses. These are all delivered by our highly qualified and patient instructors, who will ensure that you have a truly memorable and fun experience whether it is your first time to yacht sailing – or you are an ‘old salt’.

Courses and Price

The table below gives an overview of the courses that we offer from some of our training school partners, along with the prices for each. Courses are run throughout the year, with our peak season being between April and September. For more information on each course including upcoming dates and prerequisites, simply click the title of the course to find out more.

Course Course Format Oct – Mar inc. Apr – Sep inc.
Social Sailing Weekend Break Inclusive Tuition, Food, Wine £319 £359
Competent Crew 5 Days – Monday – Friday £550 £690
6 Days – 3 Weekends £660 £750
 Day Skipper 5 Days – Monday – Friday £550 £690
6 Days – 3 Weekends £660 £750
Coastal Skipper 5 Days – Monday – Friday £630 £690
Yachtmaster Prep 5 Days – excl. Exam £790 £790
Yachtmaster Exam Fees Coastal £193                                   Offshore £224

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