Datchet’s Canary Islands Windsurfing FuerteAdventura 2015

Datchet Watersports’ Inaugural Canary Islands Windsurfing Trip!

FuerteAdventura Team Shot

In February this year we took our annual watersports trip to a new location, Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. We took a team of 20 to the world renowned Rene Egli Centre on the south east of the island, to enjoy a huge variety of activities as well as, of course, the windsurfing! Buggying, quad-biking, stand-up paddle boarding, land-yachting, go-karting, cycling, beach football and volleyball; we did it all, and still found time to chill out with a beer in the sun too! As always, our infamous gin parties were a triumph! Our trips are made by brilliant people who come with us; you could be one of them.

Don’t miss out on Fuerteventura 2016.   6-13 Feb 2016Fuerte Land Yachting Fuerte Quads and Buggies 2 Fuerte Volleyball


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