Sailing Platinum Membership

Its So Easy to Sail

This package is excellent for those wanting to learn to sail, and we have the EasySail option for those experts who just want to hire top–quality, well–maintained, up–to–date kit, just meters from the waters edge… taking the hassle out of getting afloat.

No Barriers learning or improving to Sail

None of the usual barriers to getting on the water exist… you don’t have transport or storage problems, large insurance costs, launching difficulties, maintenance costs, or launching fees. You just turn up to a friendly environment, are greeted with a smile and pop your wetsuit on. We can help you with rigging and launching and have at least one powerboat on the water at all times – no worries sailing at its best!

Easy monthly payments enable you to spread the cost of the package deal or you can pay up front for a discount.

This makes economic sense if you plan to hire 2 hours per month or more! It is Sailing Made Easy!

Sailing Package Options

These packages are subject to a minimum 12 month contract and a joining fee of £199 (or £299 for Joint)

Packages Joining Fee Monthly Price
EasySail (Unlimited Hire) £199 £66
Single (Unlimited Hire & Tuition) £199 £76
Joint (Unlimited Hire & Tuition for 2) £299 £126

Platinum Plus - Both Dinghy Sailing and Windsurfing

Packages Joining Fee Monthly Price
Single (Unlimited Hire & Tuition) £199 £86
Joint (Unlimited Hire & Tuition for 2) £299 £145

Psst! – Tell your Friends… C’mon Down! You can get a tour, see what we do at Datchet Watersports Centre, possibly meet some other people on the scheme and get signed up to Unlimited Sailing or Windsurfing with Tuition from as little as £71 per month! Easysurf from just £61! You’d be very welcome.

Like the Idea? Then please give us a ring and arrange to come down and have a tour of the centre. We’ll put a bit of time aside, show you around, possibly meet others on the scheme, discuss what we can do for you – and if you like the look of us – you can take it from there.

Want more information or want to book?

Contact Us: email     Tel: 01753 683990

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