The Summer Party

The Legendary Summer Party – Saturday 11th July

The Datchet Watersports summer parties are legendary and a night not to be missed . They normally consist of a range of on the water activities during the day, followed by a few drinks and some food in the evening normally consisting of a BBQ. After this parties have been known to involve quizes, live music, boat races and other fun and games and of course the obligatory chat about sailing and windsurfing. These parties are a great way to meet like minded people, talk about the sports we love and hear all about our adventures in Fuerteventura and Skiing.


The parties tend to wind down about 11pm, but the entertainment continues through the evening for the more determined amongst our members and staff (who don’t need to work the next day) and have on occasion seen the sun in!!

Keep your eyes peeled for details on this year’s summer spectacular. It will be an awesome night not to be missed!!

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