Watersports 4 Cancer Research

Sunrise Sunset 2014 – Sunday 1st June


Every Year we participate in the Sunrise to Sunset Challenge to raise money for Cancer Research. The event Watersports 4 Cancer Research has been running for 6 years and has united windsurfers and watersports enthusiasts across the country for this great cause. So what’s it all about?

The Challenge… now in it sixth year, Sunrise Sunset aims to get as many Windsurfers, Kitesurfers, Surfers, SUP’ers and Sailors on the water on Sunday June 1st. In doing so our goal is to raise loads of money for cancer care, research and education.

Are you up for it?…Let us know if you are up for it and signup at www.windsurfing4cancerresearch.org for your entry pack and start fundraising. Some people set themselves challenges for the day such as hours on the water, number of tacks, gybes etc, whatever you personal challenge it is a great day and we will have activities organised through the day (and normally the evening before). So watch this space for the plan coming soon!

Want more information or want to book?

Contact Us: email info@datchetwatersports.co.uk     Tel: 01753 683990

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