Watersports for Cancer Research – Sunrise to Sunset Challenge

Wow, what an early start, it certainly competed with the round the island race start time!  Despite this we had 8 crazy fools head out for sun up; well done Barbora, Hardy, Damo, Matt, Matt, Rich, Jeff and Dougal for starting the day off well.

With planing conditions from the start everyone was in for a big day and big it certainly was, from 04:45 until 09.00 we had plenty of free sailors and windsurfers make the most of the increasing wind including our principal Paul and Sailing Maestro Rich who showed us how (and how not) to get the most out of an RS Vision.  Onshore the early team were lashing down the gazebo that was trying to taking off in the 20+ knts all whilst Dougal and Jeff were dishing out the life saving coffee and bacon butties from inside it.


At 10.00 the team on the catamaran conversion course hit the water and ripped it up!  Top job to Lucy, Andriy and Peter for surviving Dougals Dart joyrides.  By this time the early start was taking its toll on a few of the instructors and they decided that 20knts and 16.5 hours was not a big enough challenge so up steps Rich and his wakeboard.  With Matt teaming up with Dougal in the Dart 16 they did it: Sailboat Wakeboarding! If you don’t believe us check out the facebook page.

The windsurfers by now were starting to flake so the BBQ is fired up again and everyone is refuelled, we are still only half way through the day! Up steps Corey and his Windsurfing beginners – in 20knts! Well done to Claudia, Ben and Val for coping with the conditions fabulously well given it was there first time on a board!

The final run to Sunset saw the wind ease back slightly but not the enthusiasm with 9 windsurfers on the water for sundown well lasted Barbora,Damo, Colin, Peter,  Jeff, James, Tom, Matt and Paul.

Many thanks to everyone that went out on the water, I’d like to name drop you all but with nearly a hundred people throughout the day that would be tough. Thank you also to all the instructors that gave up thier time to help and of course to everyone that donated to the very worthwhile cause.  If you would like to donate visit our just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/datchet-watersports

Same again next year!

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