Yacht Sailing Distance Cruise – West Country or France

Yacht Sailing Distance Cruise – West Country, France or Channel Islands


IMAG30712013_1212Dahab_20090106Fancy taking a holiday or practice your sailing and taking it to the next level. The choice of sailing to the West Country or France / Channel Islands is up to you. We run a variety of distance sailing cruises, skippered charters for friends, family and singles – dates are on the link below: See Here for Dates.


Cherbourg Square – It has a real charm


Old Harry Rocks – Studland Bay

A short trip of 3 days will give us the option of going west towards Weymouth visiting Poole and Studland Bay. Going across the Channel to France or Alderney / Guernsey may be best achieved in 4 or 5 days. Obviously much depends upon the weather and wind direction – we certainly do not want to end up beating our way across the channel as the passage would be very tiring and put pressure on the crew.

These longer trips are suitable for someone who has been on a yacht previously and wants to get some additional miles / practice their navigational skills – or just wants to enjoy making new landfalls in different places. On the Cross channel and west country cruises you generally cover some passages that are over 60 miles and certain people aboard can practice as ‘Skipper’, doing the necessary navigation and pilotage and running of the boat but with the expert eye of a professional helping out where required. On the shorter trips to Poole and Weymouth there are less onerous shorter passages.


Dolphin mid channel

Dolphin Mid Channel

Quite often we see dolphins on these trips. Sometimes we are close into land – other times we are right out at sea. The shot on the left was taken 20 miles out in the Channel – we had never seen the sea so flat! A visitation by a pod of common dolphins is such an uplifting experience and sometimes they stay with you playing on the bow wave for a good 20 minutes!





Mid Channel cruise Swim

Mid Channel – (20Nm Out) Swim

If it is this flat and inviting we also let people swim – completely out of the sight of land! Quite an unusual experience – then back on board for a hot shower to warm up.


There is a great mix of sailing, making a foreign landfall and also a bit of exploring and sampling the culture and local cuisine with an abundance of fresh seafood to chose from which is always a favourite.

Cross channel ports that you may visit could be any of the following  - click on them for the link to the local website:

St Vaast - a pretty French fishing village. lock in / out – so tidal.

Cherbourg - Easy access all tidal states. Cafe culture French town.

Alderney – Channel Islands. Access all tides / mooring buoys

Guernsey - Channel Islands. Access all tides /inner harbour sills

Jersey - Channel Islands. Access all tides

Dielette - French harbour. Approaches dry.

If you fancy joining us on a West Country or Cross Channel Yacht Cruise do get in touch and discuss any concerns that you may have and check your suitability for any trip or charter.

See HERE our Distance Cruise page with prices and dates.

email infobn@datchetwatersports.co.uk or ring our yachting hotline number 02380 016450

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